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A Bedbug Note to My Neighbors

January 27, 2007


The Bedbug Scene
I’ve heard that most of the apartments have been fumigated, and some more than others because they keep coming back.I’ve done a bit of research on this situation when my apartment was finally hit this past August.I’ve had the apartment fumigated once and they have not returned, but the situation in the building is so severe it’s best to do it one more time and I urge anyone who has had their apartments fumigated once – do it again.Why?Because quite a few people are having their apartments done, and you don’t want them back.The landlord gave out information, but there are a few other items that I want to pass on to y’all.My apologies if it’s too personal from a stranger for some, but I got rid of those little bloodsuckers, and hope to never have to deal with them again, and if we all don’t participate they will never go away.So here goes.


  • Bedbugs can live up to a year and a half without feeding; bag, tag and store any items that you can for at least a year (clothes, blankets, paperwork, books, albums, etc.)
  • For those items you can’t live without for a year, cover them loosely when the apartment is being fumigated and clean everything afterwards.
  • Clothes: wash everything in hot water, or dry clean it, or throw it away (if you throw it away, ensure its in plastic so that no dumpster divers take the infested items.
  • Keep your clothes in plastic bags for at least a year.(I’ve found clear bags and clothespins to be easiest.)
  • As Seen on TV: Spacebags are great! (It’s like vacuum-packed clothes so you can seal your clothes from everything.)They have a special offer of $19.95 on TV, but all the bags are flat if you can get the ez-load wide bottom for easier storage.
  • Get rid of bed, carpets and furniture whenever possible.When in doubt throw it out.If you buy new furniture or a new bed, keep it in the plastic or buy plastic covers.
  • Fumigate!Three times!!
  • If you have cracks in your walls seal them!!!These little buggers cruise through cracks.Watch your tail!!!
  • This is most important: pull your bed out from the wall and put vaseline on the bed legs!
  • Remember, it’s easy to pass bedbugs along, think twice about having people over, and going to others homes.If or when you do visit others, change right before you leave until we have this whole gig under control so as not to infest others homes.These nasty little nocturnal bloodsuckers cruise with people and/or their suitcases, boxes, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.

Well, that’s the scoop there neighbor, hope no offense has been taken – no offense was meant, it just happens to be what I did to get rid of these little buggers and with any luck, they’ll be out of the entire building soon.

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