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Allergic to Bedbugs?

January 27, 2007

It was the end of summer and I was working outside so naturally when all the bites started, I thought I was being eaten alive outside. Little did I know the feast started when I went home.

People don’t realize, it’s not like you receive an automatic reaction to the bites. They feed and later, you’ll start to itch, then welts appear, after a while you’ll think you’re going out of your mind because you’ll have no peace, no matter what you do, there seems to be no end in sight.

The itching and swelling was so bad I was using tons of ice to keep the swelling down. I purchased After-Bite since I figured it was probably mosquitos. (I work near a park.) For awhile it seemed to work, but I was going through tons of the After-Bite, and my life was revolving around what appeared to be something that would never end (though I heard the mosquito season ended around August 31st and my fingers were crossed!) Every day I was reading websites about all types of bugs, bites, reactions, and then it hit me: it was bedbugs. I went to the Pharmacist, and she stepped away when she saw the state of my arms from the allergic reaction to the bites, but she did tell me to try benadryl for the reaction and cortizone for the itch. I did, and by the time I got a Doctor’s appointment to check it out, the healing had started and he scoffed at my diagnosis of bedbugs.

I didn’t care for him much anyway so I never went back, and to this day I keep benadryl and cortizone around all the time. Hope this helps…

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