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Advocate for the Seniors in Your Lives

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During a lovely chat with a senior friend of mine, I found out she recently was taken advantage of when she attempted to have her car repaired. She brought her car into a station a couple of times previously for a battery and then for her brakes, but on the third time she only returned the car because the brakes were still not working properly; it was then she was hit with an astronomical bill for a service she felt she already paid, but to get her car back she paid the bill anyway.

After my own investigation into the issue, I decided to look into the matter directly with the car repair shop on her behalf. I advocated for her while the staff and owner tried to dodge my attempts using every delay tactic in the book, but I stuck to them like glue until I finally had to state the obvious: “You took advantage of a Senior Citizen on a fixed income by using predatory practices, and unless the situation is remedied I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Protection Bureau, the Office of the Aging, Elected Officials, the management of the chain and finally Small Claims Court.” Basically, I did to them what they did to my dear friend, I intimidated them. By the end of the week, my friend received $600 of her $638 back.

It’s sad to say, but nowadays there are quite a few ways thieves can and will take advantage of our senior population. Be a good neighbor, listen to what they say, and think about how you can help them even if they’re not asking for help. You’ll never know what it means to be an advocate for someone unless you try, and I must state it’s amazing.

How far that little candle throws his beams!  So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” ~William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice

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