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Are We Truly Honoring Our Vets?

November 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Are We Truly Honoring our Vets?
By John Moyle, US Veteran

St. Louis PowerCast

honoring those who served

Monday is Veterans Day, a day we honor those men and women whom at one time wore the uniform to defend our country.    Veterans come in all shapes and sizes.  Some served during times of peace, some during war.  Some are combat veterans, some are not.  Some came home whole, and others sacrificed parts of their body while serving our nation.   On Monday we honor them all.

Something that has troubled me for a while is the lack of support I see from people who believe they support veterans.  I run into people every day that say they “support our troops”, regularly thank veterans and active military members for their service, etc.   As a vet, while I appreciate these gestures I find it odd that many of these same people work hard in support of politicians and policies that bring harm to our vets and their families.  It’s hard…

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