Introducing the 50/50 Social Media Package!

Your 50/50 Social Media Package:

$50 Basics includes:
 30 Minute Setup Coaching Call
 Create Facebook Business Page with your logo and/or photos
 Create Twitter Account with your logo and/or photos
 Create Google Places Account

$50 Ongoing Maintenance includes:
 Post up to 8 to 10 Business Page Status Updates Each Month to Facebook and Twitter
[Just email your preferred status updates and photos for posting at start of month]
 Respond to and Report Facebook and Twitter Business Page Activity
 Forward all personal messages on Facebook and Twitter to your business email
 Please Note: Account Setup is not required to avail of the Monthly Activity Rate

Referrals Bonus
 Your business is eligible for one week free community management services! Please ensure a referral mentions your business name when requesting a 50/50 package.

Also Available for Short and Long Term Freelance Assignments
 Alternate Site Rates Available: LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, Google, etc.
 Copy Writing and Editing Website Content, Newsletters, Flyers, etc.
 Administrative Assistance
 Notary Public Services


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