Maureen French Employment Info


New York, NY 10025

“…highly recommend her for any role that requires dedication, perseverance, leadership and accountability…” – LinkedIn Testimonial:

Professional Experience

Consultant: Communications, Public Outreach and Copywriting                      10/08-Present

▪Copy/Content Writing: creating marketing copy for retail websites; creating content for traditional and new social media; drafting and editing copy to inform health care professionals in public forums; drafting housing highlights and agendas, and talking points to inform tenants association

▪Public Outreach in Construction: producing and disseminating targeted communications from drafting to editing of e-blasts, notices and website content for diverse audiences

▪Public Outreach for US Census: coordinating communications, managing teams of 5-6 and training classes of 30-50 employees, certifying field personnel daily pay and work records

▪WordPress Blogger: blogging to share information regarding current community issues

Communications Specialist, DDC and DOT Reconstruction Projects                    2/05-10/08

▪Devised, implemented and managed successful targeted public outreach programs for projects with budgets ranging from $18 million to $52 million in 4 out of 5 boroughs

▪Exceptional professional experience in delivering targeted communications for multicultural audiences from drafting to editing of newsletters, e-blasts, press releases, website content

▪Created website content: Departments of Transportation (DOT) and Design & Construction (DDC), Lower Manhattan Development Corp., and

▪Researched print and online media sources for community and project related news, managed print and digital media archives, distributed relevant clips to project team members

▪­­­­­­Spearheaded communication strategies by engaging and coordinating with key stakeholders: elected officials, government agencies, civic groups, schools and utilities

Ombudsman (Former Intern), Office of the Public Advocate                             4/03-4/04

▪Researched and authored reports of special interest topics for the Public Advocate

▪Contributor to Office of the Public Advocate  of the City of New York Annual Report

▪Managed cases involving government services at the city, state, and federal levels

▪Managed Citywide Education Hotline offering information, issue and/or conflict resolution

▪Exceeded Ombudsman performance standards with over 1000 case resolutions in a year

Social Media and Software Skills

LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora,

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Docs, Adobe, PhotoShop, Moviemaker

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